This website serves as a database for Privet Stephen Gordon’s diaries. Here visitors can find both the scans and transcriptions of all seven of Gordon's diaries. The site also includes exhibits about Stephen Gordon's life, the battle of Fredericksburg, as well as a timeline covering main events of the Civil War in connection with Gordon's life.  This site was created by Alex Privitt, James Stewart, Callie Liberty, and Mike Black as part of Dr. Jeffrey McClurken’s Hist 428: Adventures in Digital History course at the University of Mary Washington (UMW). Thank you for visiting!



Please use the main menu at the top to navigate through the pages of the site. Each diary is organized as a collection. Diary 1 is Gordon's first diary and diary 7 is the last. Each collection has a book reader feature so that visitors can flip through the pages of the diary. (Please note that for best viewing put the book reader on full screen.) All the pages of the diaries are also organized as items which include transcriptions. (Please note that all transcriptions are a product of the National Park Service with the exception of Diary 4 which was transcribed by Alex Privett.) Learn more about Gordon's life by exploring the Stephen Gordon page and find out more about the Battle of Fredericksburg on the Civil War in Fredericksburg page. There is also a search box at the top of the menu to find specific terms, such as locations or people, on the site.


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